About us

We’re Matt & Lauren, and this is our board game* life!

Looking beyond the box

A lot of board game websites primarily focus on reviews. We may do the odd review or reaction to specific board games here and there, but we want to focus more on board gamer lifestyle and culture. Whether that be going to a board gaming event, trying something new, or discussing the latest goings on in the board game community.

We want to hear from you!

One of the best things about the board game community is the mix of different opinions and discussions that go on everyday. We want to encourage the same engaging conversations on our blog, and talk about what matters to people. So please get in touch, whether that’s through the comments, contacting us directly or hitting us up on our socials.

Our honesty promise

100% of our content is our own, honest, opinions. By default, our content is not sponsored. When content is sponsored, or when products are provided free for promotional purposes, we will state this clearly in the post. This will not stop us from giving our genuine views on the topic or product – the good, the bad, or the ugly.

*”Tabletop games” is the actual collective term for all board, card and dice games. However, this isn’t a well-understood term outside of the tabletop community. We prefer to use “board games” as our primary term to mean all games.

About the Logo
Logo for Our Board Game Life

Our logo was created including modified icons from the following:

Thanks go to the icon creators for having free to use icons under CC BY 3.0.

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